DuraSeam™ Powder Coating

With Powder Coating as the finishing process there are no runs, drips, or sags. Since no drying or flash-off time is required, a powder coating production line will move more efficiently than a standard paint line. More parts are able to be coated automatically too with significantly lower reject rates. And, with the use of appropriate application equipment, materials, and recovery methods, a 95%-98% powder utilization efficiency rate is readily available.

Greater Design Flexibility

Logos, bullnose, water fall edges and/or cut outs are not a problem with powder coatings. With MDF we are able to increase our design flexibility. We conduct all the prepping of the substrate before the powder coating is sprayed onto the substrate. The powder covers all the edges, thus eliminating any issues with delamination.

Endless Color Options

DuraSeam™ Powder Coatings can be color matched to RAL and PMS color standards.

Seamless Edges

DuraSeam™ Powder Coatings offer seamless edges that resist heat and thus will not delaminate when exposed to heat. Unlike various types of decorative overlays.

Excellence of Finish

Above all else, powder coating's efficiency, economy, energy savings and environmental friendliness produce an excellence and superiority of finish that customers will come to know and count on. Powder coating offers a wide range of both extreme and decorative performance properties. Color selection is virtually unlimited, and is available in both high and low gloss. Textures can be varied as needed. Significant breakthroughs in powder coating technologies have even led to the development of systems that are designed to meet the diverse practical and aesthetic needs of today's demands for a superior finish on metal, wood and plastic.